About Scott

Hi there. I’m Scott. I’m a high school film teacher, writer and filmmaker from the Jersey Shore. On 8/23/16, I woke up with intense chest pains. The diagnosis? An aortic dissection that required open heart surgery. I was saved by the good people at the the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. My first memory after coming out of the anesthesia fog was my fiancee telling me I must have some really important work to do. This is the start of my journey to earn this second chance. All I asked for while I was wheeled into the OR was for more time.

Now I have it.

Before my aortic dissection, I’d accomplished some major goals. I had a weekly movie review column for a professional newspaper by junior year of high school. My first web series was seen at NY ComicCon. I was inducted into the Writers Guild of America by 25. I helped launch a television network. I’ve published, produced, directed, shot, edited, been a documentary subject and then taught students who got into some of the best film schools in the world.

It’s not enough. Not nearly enough. I have a million things I have to do. And it starts now.  Thanks for joining me for the insane story that is my life. I think you’ll be entertained and educated. It’s many things, but it’s never dull. Plot twists ahead.

Roll camera. Action.